Out with the old…in with the blend

Put down your roots with some baseline furniture and mix the old with the new.  You can’t build anything without a solid foundation – and for us, some well-chosen pieces come top of the list when it comes to characterising your space.  Consider who you are? How do you feel? What do you need to feel at home?

The stools, tables, chairs and cabinets in our home say as much about us as the clothes we wear, so its important to look inside you before making your decision on what to put inside your home. We are not talking full on soul searching here, but a well chosen piece of home décor can bring you hours of enjoyment, peace, smiles, comfort – a well thought out purchase should be like a life long partner – it should be for keeps.

Find yourself in our collection

We know that you will find something that compliments who you are, your uniqueness, in our eclectic selection of contemporary, reproduction and vintage furniture. We choose pieces because we love them and we want to ensure they go to good homes. Our vintage and antique pieces are lovingly restored whilst maintaining that quirky sense of having experienced life. Our minimalist styles are polished and buffed until we can’t stop looking at them, so that you can have that experience too. Each piece of our contemporary furniture is unique, one of a kind – just like you really.


Pride of placement

Don’t forget to think outside the box when placing your unique stool, cabinet, chair or table.  Should it take pride of place, or subtly exert its presence in your space? Is it an all round piece in which case should it standalone, centred and proud? How about seeing it from all angles and placing it near a vintage mirror?

Vintage lights, porcelain vases, industrial homewares or Scandinavian/Nordic décor can really bring your furniture to life.

Our view is you should never buy something on its own – things come to life when they are complimented with that little extra – that’s the way of the Modetro world. Come and join us.