Accessorising is the new “complimentary” therapy

Accessorising can be therapy to budding interior designers. Almost any piece of contemporary or vintage furniture can be set off by the most simple of minimalist, antique or art-nouveau homewares.

Our home accessories are like our jewellery – they compliment the other things we are wearing – or in your room’s case, the other things that furnish it. Characterise your space with some key statement pieces like a Murano vase, a Scandinavian picture frame or even a rare figurine and we guarantee that your visitors will comment on it – even over that expensive sofa!

Dress to impress with our collection

It’s therapeutic to get lost in our collection of art-deco, contemporary and vintage home accessories when looking to dress your home. We stock a wide range to compliment every style, from French vases and Victorian picture frames, to ornate statues and trinket boxes.

We want you to find something unique, one of a kind – something you connect with. Perhaps a stylish candleholder can add romance to a special night with a loved one or a Marie-Antoinette clock can add romance to your lounge. Whatever you’re looking for, we hope you connect with our collection.

It’s the little things that matter

It’s true that the little things matter – the little things show someone how much you love them, the little things build something much bigger, the little things can make a huge difference in life. At Modetro, we believe home accessories are the key to bringing out the full potential of furniture, walls, kitchens and floors.

When hunting for statement homewares, consider where it could be placed? On what piece of furniture? Blending eras and styles is on trend right now – contemporary with antique, art-nouveau with vintage – have a look at our collection and see what’s just begging you to take it home.