Cook up a modern storm…in a vintage teacup

Your kitchen is the heart of the home – its where you chat over a messy breakfast table with your kids, where you create food for the soul like a warm winter soup, where you cry and where you laugh.

So clothe it with love – just like you would yourself and your loved ones. Whether you like minimalist kitchenware, statement plates or traditional weighing scales, a well-placed kitchen accessory can really give your room character.

Consider your kitchen - Do you use it or just look at it? Is it functional or a statement? Is it a blend of styles already? If someone walked into it without knowing you, what would they think of the type of person who lives there?

Become a foodie with our collection

We honestly believe our kitchen collection will rekindle a lost love of cooking or inspire an experienced chef and anything in between. Accessorise with our glass storage jars, copper pieces and unique oil bottles. They will make you look like a kitchen connoisseur even if you’re not!

Impress the older generation with a stylish antique tea set – porcelain for the best tea experience! Or make a statement with some of our more contemporary tableware. You will enjoy your food more, we promise.

It’s for all to see

When buying kitchenware, it’s important to consider whether it will be hidden away in a drawer, to be brought out for that one-time wow factor or whether it is to be displayed for all to see.

Subtle, quaint pieces could be used for special occasions, complimenting family heirlooms, which can finally be used and loved, as they should be. Contemporary statement accessories, like copper cake moulds or unique storage jars can add colour and a sense of homeliness when placed in prominent places around the kitchen.

We like the quaint and contemporary mix – in the Modetro world we find this mix in many things we do – even in our roots where the quaint English joined with the modern Estonian to launch our company in perfect partnership. That’s why we believe in it and we want you to, too.