Make light, not war

Lighting a room has become an art form in itself. Well-placed lighting can make a room feel cosy, minimalist – even taller or shorter. It can change to reflect your mood that day or the mood you want to create.

Too much light, or different levels of light can clash and create just the opposite of what you want – hence why it’s an art form. But hey, who gets everything right? At Modetro, we like the trial and error approach!

Delight in light

Table lamps are on trend and that’s why we are always on the hunt for some accent pieces. Whether it’s a pottery table lamp, or an art-deco desk lamp, you can set off a vintage desk or gloss cabinet easily with our selection. Mixing up textures can bring interest into a home office you might rather not be in some days – wood, ceramic, brass or chrome can at least make it an interesting room to be in!

Our ceiling lights and wall lamps can really say something about who you are. Do you want to make a statement in the centre of the room? Or have an eclectic mix of various wall lamp styles on light backgrounds? Whatever your pleasure, we are sure you will find it with us.

And out of the darkness came light

Everyone has his or her shady areas – those we prefer not to show, let alone put in the spotlight. It’s a different story in a room. A well-angled table lamp can bring brightness to the darkest of corners and change the feel of a room in an instant.

At Modetro, we are all about light – natural and man-made. We even have to move around our offices during a sunny day due to the light and airy space we work in. Light lifts moods and creates moods – go on, give it a go.