Mirror mirror on the wall

Reflection – it means a few different things but mainly, it’s about looking at something more deeply – whether that be in thought, or at your image in the mirror.

Our range of art-deco and modernist wall and table mirrors have masses of personality – just like you. Each one has its own character, its own history – we think it would be amazing to look through the eyes of a mirror – imagine what it has seen!

Consider what you want in a mirror – is it to fill an open space on the wall? Do you need more light in your room? Does it just need to be functional, with that eclectic twist?

See the real you

Whether it be oval, square, shield or arched, the shape of your wall mirror needs to be right for the space you have in mind. A mirror tends to be a long-term purchase, since people take care not to break mirrors for fear of cursing themselves with bad luck. So, in their very nature, our mirrors have been loved and looked after – often over many years. Like a pair of old comfy slippers, a well-chosen wall mirror will travel with you from home to home.

Vanity is a sin apparently – but having a unique vanity mirror isn’t! So take a browse though our table top collection and find the shaving and make-up mirrors that reflect the real you.

Mirror your surroundings

It’s easy to forget that mirrors reflect, not just the immediate image, but the surroundings too. When you place your mirror, whatever the size, make sure you have looked at what it reflects from different parts of the room.

Set off a statement piece of furniture by placing the mirror in a position that allows it to be seen from all angles. Consider what artwork is on the walls opposite – it’s nice to sip a hot chocolate, or a glass of wine on the sofa and still be able to appreciate the art on the wall behind you.

Place your mirror near a window and you can do what we at Modetro enjoy doing the most – you can bring light and sunshine into your home.