Uuli Moran - Owner

It was not my initial intention to start a “company” - for the four years before I started modetro I had been fortunate enough to be a stay at home mum for my lovely sons Isaac and Maddox.

I had enjoyed those years greatly, however I felt the time was right for me to re-ignite the fire in me once again.  And it happened somewhat by accident, a good friend of mine re-awakened me to the joys of flea markets and bargain hunting - something I was quite passionate about.  I had always had the ability to spot something special where others could not.

Initially I would purchase special and unique things for my home, just small things which gave my home some extra character.  However the thrill of finding something unique was exhilarating and my purchases grew a little too much for my own home….  And this is when the penny dropped - if I love these unique things? perhaps others would too?

It hasn’t always been easy, starting a business is full of twists and turns - but I am passionate about what I do - what more could I ask? perhaps better weather?

Peter Moran - Operations

By the time I joined Uuli with her rapidly growing business, our home was pretty full up with all the items she has found! It seemed to me for every item Uuli had put on sale, she had another 3 items she wanted to keep for herself…. it had to stop or there would simply be no more room for myself, the kids and the dog!

So my decision to join Uuli was partially survival, I figured my involvement could perhaps encourage the ration of kept vs sold to be more in the favour of being sold…. this is still an ongoing challenge!

Really though when Uuli started to really get passionate about her business, we would on occasions search out unique things together and her knowledge, insightfulness and ability to spot something special was really quite inspiring - and moments like these I asked myself could we create something amazing here together?

My background could not be more different to Uuli’s - I’m a geek at heart, with a passion for business & marketing.

My career in technology has involved both large and small companies, not only allowing me to hone my techie geek skills but also giving me insight into how business works - or more importantly should work!

So after some discussion (and ground rules) Uuli and I decided perhaps together we could create something really wonderful! and we started working together to take Modetro to the next level! Since I joined our skills have complimented each other and allowed us to not only grow modetro as a business but also to enforce our own personal values of integrity, kindness and fun to everything we do! In any life there are challenges to overcome - but we always do so with a smile and laugh!